STARBUCK | Directed by Ken Scott |

Rated: (14A) Mature subject matter, Coarse Violence
Tue Oct 25 - Wed Oct 26 @ 6:50 
Thurs Oct 27 No shows
Fri Oct 28 @ 4:40
No Shows on Saturday Oct 29th
Sun Oct 30 @ 2:30, 4:40
Mon Oct 31 - Thu Nov 3 @ 4:40

Following it's debut at the Calgary International Film Fest, in the headliner series, STARBUCK comes to The Uptown October 7th.
STARBUCK, Canada – 2011 People’s Choice Award for CIFF

Sperm has a long history of appearing in comedies for the most juvenile reasons, but only rarely for creating new juveniles. In STARBUCK, one man’s sperm will provide the push he needs to become a better man and father. To a lot of children David (Patrick Huard) is 42 and going nowhere, whiling away his time at his father’s butcher shop while casually dating a police officer named Valérie (Julie Le Breton).

But when Valérie unexpectedly reveals she’s pregnant, David is left reeling just in time to learns he’s also about to be publically identified by a class-action lawsuit filed by many of the 533 children he’s fathered through anonymous sperm bank contributions. (The film’s title and David’s donation pseudonym cheekily allude to Canada’s Starbuck Holstein bull, which sired more than 200,000 calves.)

Balanced by a David’s growing sense of parental responsibility, writer-director Ken Scott and co-screenwriter Martin Petit tackle the sticky subject of fatherhood with a comedy about an overgrown adolescent whose maturity has been a long time coming.