Bell Tower with Oh Lenore! & Sharks Aren't Scavengers

Thu, 09/15/2011

Thursday September 15th @ 9:00pm 
$10 | No Minors


"Calgary four-piece Bell Tower layers dissonant vocal melodies over unpredictably saccharine instrumentals to create a garage-pop vibe that's all theirs...Bell Tower is at varying times both sweet and grimy, but it seems as if the group has started to find that highly sought after musical blend of angst and loveliness, and in a hand-painted package to boot."
-Andrea Rojas, The Gauntlet March 03, 2011

"You know you’re in the right band when each member brings a completely different flavour to the sound, and when it’s all put together, it sounds like something completely new. Such is the case with young garage-rock four-piece Bell Tower. Catching the ears of rock ’n’ roll enthusiasts at a Mount Royal University battle of the bands last year, the band has been swaggering around town with its playful blend of old-school punk rock and new-school indie pop." - Matt Learoyd, Fast Forward Weekly June 2010


As cliché as it sounds, Oh, Lenore! makes music with no boundaries. Seriously: their stylistic influences range from garage and prog rock, jazz, baroque, video game soundtracks and lighthearted pop to name a few. What comes out after they throw it all together is catchy indie pop that packs a punch. They’re 4 friends that have known each other for years and have been making music since late 2008.

Oh, Lenore! came into existence after Alec, Alvin and Dylan wrote the most beautiful song and asked Joe to add his percussive expertise. They knew how to play a total of one song together. They exaggerated a bit and said they had a full set of songs about cars so they could play at a Show and Shine, and the rest is history. Afterwards, they forgot how to play their first song and started writing some new ones (none are about cars). The 4 heroes released a demo in early 2009 and a debut EP in January, playing shows around Alberta including the Chinatown Street Festival, the Marquee Room, Vulcan Fest and a sold-out show at the New Black Centre to name a few.


"Music has been such a massive part of each of our lives, so it was a natural progression for us to go from the audience to the stage eventually. We all got here in different ways, from different paths and with different influences but we've been united by a common appreciation for good, passionate music. And this is what we play; regardless of whether there are 5 or 500 people watching us, we pour our hearts out through our instruments and write from the soul."