The Ex-Boyfriends with Now Feeling

Sat, 09/17/2011

Doors @ 9:00pm | $10

Saturday September 17th in The Marquee


This group is brought together by a desire to rock and roll, with the different members recognizing in each other an expedient to that purpose. What is in must, at times, come out, and this is how things are handled.
But far from merely playing for their own satisfaction, The Ex-Boyfriends approach their own music knowing it will help others.
With these rigorous ethics in place, The Ex-Boyfriends have been doing their part, headlining their own rock 'n' roll shakedowns and playing with like-hearted do-gooders like Royal Trux, DTK/MC5, Mudhoney, The Lazy Cowgirls, Nikki Sudden and Les Savy Fav, as well as getting it out there on record:


Alan Von Zipper (guitar, vocals) Doug Von Zipper (bass) Rob Von Zipper (drums) Hailing from a place known for a thriving economy equated more to rampant oil production than no-frills record production, Calgary’s Von Zippers brandish a special kind of raw-nerve, white-knuckle delivery that thrives on elements of simplicity and point-of-contact.
Some eight years in existence as a band, these guys have been around the block long enough to know it’s gotta be equal parts creativity, honesty, and delivery that achieve the desired result, and any other ingredients can safely be regarded as maggot-fodder with little or no merit whatsoever. This three (and sometimes four) piece use economy as a major tool in their approach, the less-is-more aesthetic in keeping with their continued struggles in The People’s Fight Against Frivolity, a grass-roots movement of regional “bare-bones” enthusiasts seeking to preserve the disappearing art of simplicity in rock ‘n’ roll today.


Formed in Calgary spring 1983. Died in Toronto spring 1988. Terry Tompkins wrote most of the songs and sang and played a Fender Duosonic. Neil Sanderson played Farfisa through a Leslie. Allen Baekeland played a Fender Mustang bass, sang and contributed a few songs. Andrew Pearce played drums. His first kit was shitty but he bought better ones. Joe McCaffery joined in 1986 after playing in the Will, he played a Les Paul and also contributed some songs. Other than a couple songs at Allen's 50th birthday party, they have not played in Calgary in 25 years.