APOLLO 1 | Greyscreen | Woulg | Ilyfa | Crimson | M!ndkontrol : July 21st

Thu, 07/21/2011

Thursday July 21st @ The Marquee Room
Doors @ 9:00pm
$10 Cover

GREYSCREEN: http://www.myspace.com/sob​adrecordings

A young man who desired to make loud music, but since no one was around to play music with him, he had to pick up a Gameboy and do it all his own. Using Gameboys and a Famicom (and no manipulation) GreyScreen creates soundtracks to games that should have been.
It's so bad.
The cassette featuring both GreyScreen albums "001" & "002" combined to create the undefeatable "Permastruct" - now available (REPRESSED) on BART Records.

WOULG: http://woulg.bandcamp.com/

Weaving a beautiful tapestry of glitch infused rhythms, Woulg is a heartwarming experience, pulling listeners into a fragile, but strong twist of skillfully crafted sounds.

ILYFA: http://soundcloud.com/ilyf​a/tracks

An eclectic array of meshing styles, Ilyfa's sound is all but defined. Bouncing across a wide range of genres, Ilyfa pulls from different parts of the musical world, creating a unique breed of beat filled, emotion driven songs.

CRIMSON: http://soundcloud.com/crim​sondubs

Influenced heavily by the UK's Dubstep scene, Crimson creates bass driven tracks that are sure to make your body move, and hard for anyone to leaving their bass face at home.

M!NDKONTROL: http://www.myspace.com/min​dkontrolultra

You don't need to go any further then his name, as you will find yourself quickly under Mindkontrol's spell. If you like it hard and fast then Mindkontrol will be right up your alley. With his mind bending rhythm, and knee buckling melodies, Mindkontrol will make your body tingle and ears ring (in the good way)