BASSCLINIC Dance Night with Dawkter Duane & Isis Graham

Fri, 07/08/2011

TICKETS ARE $12 IN ADVANCE (+service charge) ++ more the door.
Or GRASS ROOTS (112 10 Street NW)
Or Call the info line to buy in person at a meet up spot.
18+ Event

The production trio known as Triage is comprised of the integrated talents of Liar, Debt,and Seth Norman. Combined, they’re armed with 30 years of experience behind the decks and in the studio, in addition to a degree from the Berklee College of Music. The
three forged a production partnership that has steadily risen over the last few years to profound popularity on the global stage.
Triage's influences and musical contributions cover the broken beat spectrum, despite cutting their teeth in Portland's Drum & Bass scene. Their first vinyl release on LimeDubs, Bushido, with labelmate SPL, claimed the attention of jocks and the online press alike. Since then, a string of solid releases cemented their reputation as innovative producers. True to their experimental roots, Triage earned critical acclaim with their Drum and Bass
remix of Excision’s legendary track No Escape as well as their inaugural breakbeat effort, Bolt Action/Nautical Machine, a joint project with rising US Techfunk artist and production
partner, Jaden.

The Bassist & Triage - Sleeper / Triage - Non-Fiction - Requiem Audio
Triage Feat. Mc Messinian - Hollow Point EP
Triage - Album - Hollow Point Recordings
Dementia & Triage - Payback - Trust In Music
SPL & Triage - Blood Cuz - Habit
Triage - Nightmare Style - Requiem Audio


Dawkter Bio:
Atomic Zoo Records

Dawkter a.k.a Duane Dawkins has been a part of the emerging electronic scene since almost the beginning in Calgary and decided to take up djing as a hobby in 1994 during these starting years he became a well known local by playing at all age raves and various parties in and out of Alberta. In the later years he became a event promoter and started producing house music and over time became better at creating and producing music for a couple of labels, as time went on he continued to sharpen his skills in music production and went into hiatus before embarking on any new releases but in the past few years he has seen an revolution in music called dubstep and that he knew was his calling so he began releasing new material that didn't have his deep house sound but was more heavier and was bass driven he went on to making mixes that were well recieved and is about to release a flury of his own take on great songs and reworking them most will be free and will be up in the blogosphere and then a forthcoming album so keep an ear out!
The Dawkter is Coming!! (in the making)

Tycho Records

Isis Graham has been on the forefront of Calgary dance culture since 1997. Whether you found her organizing warehouse raves in the nineties or headlining clubs across Canada in the millennium, she was there, she’s here to stay and more excited about music than ever.

After her first release with Canadian funk hero DJ Neighbour on US Imprint Alphabet Recordings in 2008, she was captivated by music creation and the art of singing. Bringing her voice to the stage with her DJ sets and music production, Isis has created another level of performance and expression. Currently involved in two live band projects as a vocalist; The “Piper Davis” project and her own project “CASTS”, she has had the opportunity to open for acts such as La Roux, Gift of Gab, VitaminsforYou and playing festivals such as CMW, NXNE, GLORY DAYS and SLED ISLAND.

In 2011, Isis finds her influences from places as dark as Dubstep to the glittery mirrors of power pop. Taking a detour in 2010 with Dubstep, her marriage of vocals and grime has captured the attention of local imprint Tycho Records. Isis is set to release six tracks this spring with Tycho with a full length album in the Winter.

Looking forward to the biggest musical year ever, Isis has never been more ready to rock a party with all the best people. Look for her at Sled Island Festival, Bass Coast Festival, Girls on Decks, 403DnB events and more this spring and summer.