ONCE UPON A TIME IN RIO - From Brazil - 117 Minutes @ 1:00pm

One day at the beach, De meets Nina, the only child of a lawyer, Evandro. They fall in love, despite coming from vastly different communities. Unfolding like a fairy tale, Once Upon a Time in Rio is a tragic love story set in a city divided by economic privilege and prejudice. Through De and Nina’s tale, Silveira explores the absurdity of a society in which people live in close proximity yet stand worlds apart.

THE CINEMA HOLD UP - From Mexico - 124 Minutes @ 2:30

Negus, Chale, Sapo, and Chata are teenagers living in Mexico’s Guerrero colony. Friends since childhood, they have too much time on their hands and spend most of it drowning their problems in a constant haze of marijuana, lusting after the opposite sex, and hanging out at skate parks, graffiti hot spots, and hip-hop jam sessions. One day, inspired by the pain of empty pockets and the crush against the gritty boundary between adolescence and adulthood, the foursome have a massive brainstorm that will solve all of their problems—they decide to rob the local cinema.

NOSTALGIA FOR THE LIGHT - From Chile - 90 Minutes @ 5:00

Veteran director Patricio Guzmán, famed for his political documentaries on Allende’s Chile and the subsequent coup by Pinochet, travels to an entirely new environment for his latest film. Chile’s Atacama Desert is the driest place on earth. For astronomers its high altitude and lack of humidity provide the ideal atmosphere to peer into space, to look into the past and attempt to answer questions about the origins of stars, galaxies and the universe.

PUZZLE - From Argentina - 88 Minutes @ 7:00

In the opening scene of Argentine filmmaker Natalia Smirnoff’s directorial debut, the camera zooms in on the hands of a woman expertly preparing an elaborate feast for, as it turns out, her own 50th birthday. Maria bustles about serving food to a roomful of friends and relatives throughout her party; when she’s finally finished cleaning afterward, she looks over the pile of gifts she’s received. One of them—a jigsaw puzzle depicting Nefertiti, queen of ancient Egypt—intrigues her. She stays up the rest of the night piecing it together, delightedly watching Nefertiti’s lovely image emerge.

POST MORTEM - From Chile - 98 Minutes @ 9:00

The film takes place during one of the most tragically iconic moments in 20th-century Latin American history: the CIA-backed coup d’etat that overthrew the government of Salvador Allende, Chile’s democratically elected socialist president. However, the narrative instead focuses on Mario, a civil servant—he types autopsy reports for the city morgue—who is so obsessed with Nancy, his alcoholic, anorexic neighbor, that he seems oblivious to the world that is violently changing around him.