Mon May 9 – Thu May 12 @ 4:50

Three years in the making, AMERICAN: The Bill Hicks Story brings the tale of one of modern culture’s most iconic heroes to the big screen. Much more than a comedian, Bill Hicks was and still is an inspiration to millions. His timeless comedy tackled the contradictions of America and modern life head on.

But his unique gift was to tease apart the essence of religion, the dangers of unbridled government power and the double standards inherent in much of modern society, using nothing but his hilarious ideas and the uncompromising observational style that continues to resonate with successive generations. Like many who have a strong sense of their place in history, Hicks left a large unseen legacy; his collection of video recordings and hundreds of photographs and these became the starting point for this feature-length animated documentary.


"A fascinating portrait of a born funnyman"    -VARIETY

"Utterly inspiring...a flawless piece of work"    -MAXIM

"Fantastic...Incredibly entertaining"    -AIN'T IT COOL NEWS