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The STAGE and SCREEN THEATERS are our pride and joy at The Uptown. Big beautiful spaces that can be used for movies, dance, comedy, meetings, award ceremonies, and premieres.

Both theater spaces showcase: 

-Great acoustics and grand style.
-Can be licensed to allow drinking during events.
-Equipped to accommodate TV, DVD or 35mm film projection.
-Microphones, lectern, tables, lighting, projectionists, sound tech and other extras available for a small rental fee.

Dimensions and capacity:

The Stage - Width: 38 feet Depth: 26 feet Height: 20 feet The stage is thrust, the apron curved, and the house is steeply raked. The Stage capacity is 340.

The Screen - Width: 25 feet Depth: 8 feet (to the screen). The Screen capacity is 460.


The STAGE - Upstairs theatre (capacity 340)


The SCREEN - Downstairs theatre (capacity 460)

 Lighting Specifications:

The Stage houses the following lighting equipment: Dilor Litepak lighting board, Dilor Litepak M1224, 12 X 2.4 kW per channel dimmer pack (analog, 20a U-ground), 4 X 1000 W Strand lekos , 2 X 750 W Strand lekos, 6 X 500 W Strand fresnels , 2 X 500 W ellipsoidal spots (one large, one small), 6 X 500 W par 64 (medium beam), 2 X 1000 W par 64 (wide beam), All lights are 20a twist lock Sound, Crest P-3501 250 W amplifier, Soundcraft Series 1624 mixing board, Alesis 24 band graphic equalizer, Alesis 3630 compressor, Sony TA-3650 booth amplifier and Toa booth monitors. 

The Screen has lighting bars in place, but no special lighting equipment.


MEZZANINE BAR AREA - Upstairs, capacity 158.
-Perfect licensable space for event receptions of 100-150 people.
-At the top of the grand staircase, unique, character space with lots of possibility.
-Flexible set-up can be tailored for your event.
LOBBY BAR - Downstairs, capacity 384.


-Perfect licensable space for event receptions, cocktail parties, silent auctions, networking groups ranging in size from 150-350 people.
-Versatile space with many set-up and decor options.
-Vintage theatre style makes any event unique from the moment guests arrive.
MARQUEE ROOM - Upstairs, capacity 240.
-Great space for parties or events of 100-240 people.
-Casual, groovy atmosphere.
-Stage area equipped with full audio/visual equipment.
-Perfect venue for DJs or live bands.
-Fully stocked and staffed bar.
-Offers specialty beers, pool table, foosball table.